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Here we have some stories that have lot of variations, because we know each teller have a diffrent style. But, all of the stories still have a same taste, The Taste of Acehnese Spicy.
We hope you use your best style for competition, and don’t forget to bring your secret weapon to blast the judges xD

Fyi : There are 10 Stories here, we allow you to modify the story as you want as long as the modification that you made didn’t break the flow of the story
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Si Kepar

A long time ago in Tanah Alas, Aceh, lived a widow with her son named Kepar. They lived alone in a hut. Kepar was a kind kid. He always helped his mother. Kepar’s parents divorced when he was a baby. Kepar’s father left and stayed in other place. He never visited Kepar.
That made Kepar did not know his father. Kepar’s friends always made fun of him. They said that Kepar was not a normal kid because he did not have a father. They said that Kepar’s father hated Kepar so much and that was why he left Kepar.
about his father. At first, his mother refused to tell him. But Kepar kept on pushing her to tell him the truth. Finally, Kepar’s mother gave up. She then told everything about his father.
After he knew all about his father, Kepar went to look for him. He went to a very high mountain where his father lived. He was walking for days and nights. Finally he arrived at his father’s hut.
“Good morning, Sir,” said Kepar.
“Good morning kid. Who are you and where are you from?”
“My name is Kepar. I’m from Tanah Alas,” answered Kepar.
The man was surprised. He knew his son and his former wife lived there. Kepar then told him about himself and his mother.
“So, you are my son,” cried his father. They were hugging each other.
“I missed you, Father. I always think about you. My friends said that you hated me and so you left me,” said Kepar.
“They were wrong. I never hated you. Your mother and I had to live separately. But don’t worry, now you can stay with me also,” said Kepar’s father.
Kepar was so happy. Since then he lived in two houses. He stayed at his father’s for a week and stayed with his mother in another week. One day Kepar had an idea to reunite his parents.
“Father, I am really sad to see you live alone. Why don’t you remarry? I can find you a beautiful woman for you,” said Kepar.
“I don’t know about that Kepar. Let me think about it,” answered Kepar’s father.
Kepar also said the same thing to his mother. There was a man who wanted to marry her. Kepar then set the time and place for his parents’ meeting. When they finally met, Kepar’s parents were surprised. They haven’t seen each other for a long time.
At first, they did not recognize each other. Kepar’s mother was still beautiful and his father was still handsome. Kepar then begged to them. He asked them to reunite. Kepar’s parents then forgave each other. To make their son happy, they remarried and lived happily ever after.


Mentiko Betuah

A long time ago, there was a kingdom in Semeulue, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. The king and the queen had a son, the prince. They loved the prince very much. They always gave him anything he wanted and that made him grew as a spoiled young man.
The king realized his mistake. He wanted to give the prince a lesson. He asked the prince to leave the palace and became a merchant.
asked the king.
The prince was sad. He knew his father was angry with him because he was a spoiled boy. He then promised himself that he could become a great merchant.
After he left the palace, he went to a village. While he was walking, he saw some kids were trying to shoot a bird using their slingshots.
“Stop! Don’t hurt the bird! I’ll give you some money if you stop hurting him,” said the prince. After that, he gave some money to those kids.
Later, he saw some men were torturing a snake. Again, the prince asked them to stop hurting the snake. He also gave them some money. He kept on giving some money to people who tortured animals. Finally he did not have any money at all. He was so worried. He knew he could not become a merchant without any money in his pocket. He was also scared of going home. His father would be very angry at him.
Next, the prince went to the forest. He did not know anywhere to go. While he was sitting under a big tree, a giant snake came to him. He was so frightened.
“Don’t worry, young man. I will not eat you. I am the king of snakes in this jungle. I heard you helped many animals from being tortured. Now, I want to give you a gift. This is Mentiko Betuah. This magical stone can give you anything you want.”
The prince was happy. He asked the Mentiko Betuah to give him a lot of money. Amazingly, the prince later had a lot of money. So he went home and told his father that the money was from his business as a merchant.
The prince kept the Mentiko Betuah carefully. He went to a goldsmith and asked him to make the magical stone as a ring. Unfortunately, the goldsmith stole the Mentiko Betuah. The prince was angry. Luckily he had made friends to the animals. Then they all helped him find the Mentiko Betuah.
A cat, a dog, and a mouse went together to find the magical stone. They finally found the goldsmith. However they could not enter his house, only the mouse could. After waiting for a moment, the mouse came out of the house. He said he could not find the magical stone.
After that they all went back to the palace. The cat and the dog did not know that the mouse actually had found the magical stone. He was hiding it in his mouth. He then gave the Mentiko Betuah to the prince. He was so happy and said that the mouse was the hero.
The cat and the dog were jealous and angry. They tried to kill the mouse. That’s why until now cats and dogs always try to catch mice.



The Parakeet King

In the jungle of Aceh, parakeet birds live peacefully with their wise king. However, now their peaceful life is disturbed. A hunter goes into their jungle and plans to catch them.
It’s a beautiful morning. The parakeets and their king perch on a branch of tree. They do not know that the hunter is hiding. The hunter wants to catch the parakeets with his net.
the parakeet king are caught under the net. The parakeets are scared but the parakeet king tells them what to do.
“Relax. I have a plan. We all pretend to be dead. When the hunter lifts the net up, we fly fast to the sky,” advise the parakeet king. The hunter goes to his net. He is upset! He thinks all the parakeets are dead.
“Oh no! I can’t sell dead birds to people.” He then lifts the net up.
Not long after that, the parakeets free themselves and fly to the sky. But the parakeet king is still trapped. He does not want to fly to the sky until the parakeets are free.
The hunter is surprised when he sees the parakeets are flying. He sees there is one parakeet left in the net.
He moves quickly. “Gotcha!” he catches the parakeet king.
And then the hunter goes home. He puts the parakeet king in a birdcage.
In the jungle, all the parakeets are sad because their king is locked in a birdcage. They set a plan to free their king. All the parakeets fly to the hunter’s house. With their beaks, the parakeets peck the birdcage. Slow but sure, the birdcage is destroyed. Then the parakeet king can free himself.
“Thank you. You all are very kind to me. Without your help, I’m still trapped in this birdcage, “says the parakeet king.



The Legend of Laut Tawar Lake

A long time ago, there was a kingdom in Takengon, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. The king and the queen had a beautiful princess. Her name was Princess Pukes. She was single. The king and the queen wanted her to get married soon.
However they did not know that their daughter already had a boyfriend. The princess did not tell his parents because they loved her boyfriend.
They did not want to separate. Therefore they secretly got married. Soon the king found out their marriage. The king was really angry. He asked the soldiers to lock her in her room.
The princess could not meet her husband. She was locked for many days.
Meanwhile her husband always waited for her. The princess tried to escape. But she always failed. And finally she succeeded! She jumped through the window and ran towards the palace garden.
Unfortunately, she was caught! The soldiers immediately brought her to the king. The king was so angry.
“You really make me angry! You are truly ungrateful daughter. If you want to leave this place, leave now! You can meet your husband. But remember on the way you go, don’t look back. Something bad will happen to you if you look back,” cursed the king.
Princess Pukes was sad. She was really confused. She had to choose between her parents and her husband. She loved her husband and she did not want to be apart from him.
Sadly, she walked and left the palace. Some soldiers followed her. The king asked them to guard her.
While she was walking, Princess Pukes heard her mother crying. Princess Pukes wanted to see her mother for the very last time. But she remembered her father’s message, not to look
back or something bad would happen to her.
She could not hold it anymore. She desperately wanted to see her mother. Then she looked back. Surprisingly, thunder attacked the kingdom. It was a very bright day, but suddenly rain fell heavily.
The guards asked the princess to go to a cave. The rain was so heavy. The guards did not want theprincess to be wet.
after the rainstopped, the guards asked the princess to continue walking. They called out the princess to go out.
“My princess, let’s go now. The rain has stopped. We can continue walking,” asked the guards.
But the princess did not respond. Again, the guards asked her to go out. But still the princess did not respond. The guards were so curious. They went inside the cave. They were surprised. The princess had changed into a stone.
Meanwhile, the heavy rain had created a new lake. The lake was so big and then people named it as Laut Tawar Lake. People also can still find the stone of Princess Pukes. The local people say that when someone visits the stone and feels sad about the story of the princess, the stone will also cry!



Legend Of Putri Pukes

Once in the past in the village Nosar, Central Aceh, there lived a couple who had a daughter named Princess Pukes. Because the girl was old enough, a couple were very much hope that he soon be married. Day and night they pray that their wishes be accomplished.God heard their prayers. Not long after, came a family from the village of Samar Kilang Putri Pukes apply. How happy the parents Putri Pukes. After the talks, the two families agreed to marry off their children a week later. Various preparations are made to welcome the day of the wedding soon. Busyness makes a husband and wife were not aware of the sadness that covers their hearts only child. Although it has been spoken for a handsome young man, apparently Princess Pukes not ready for marriage. A marriage made him have to leave their parents and hometown makes him sad. But alas, Princess Pukes do not want to disappoint his parents. He buried his grief in the liver.
There comes a highly anticipated moment later. Pukes daughter’s wedding was held very festive. Many guests come to see a bride and groom’s matching. A smile always graced everyone’s lips who were there. To be invisible grief, Princess Pukes trying to smile to welcome the guests. After a few hours, after the wedding was Princess Pukes. As per local custom, parents Princess Pukes membekalinya various household appliances for her husband brought home. Group of family from Samar Kilang getting ready about to return to their homes by bringing along a new family member.Mother Daughter Pukes discourse before the princess gave him taken off to go. “Whether you’re okay with your new family, kid …” said the mother. ” obedientto your husband and respectful on the second-in-law …”, he added. Putri Pukes again could not hold back his grief. Her tears fell loose. Eventually mother and daughter cried and hugged each other. When the troupe was ready to go, once again Putri Pukes mother told her son. “If you had already left for later, do not you look back, son …”, he whispered in my ear Putri Pukes. Putri Pukes just nodded. He could not say the word.
The delegation of Samar Kilang leaving parental home when the day of Princess Pukes late afternoon. Not unexpectedly, they flushed the heavy rains come in the middle of the road. The husband immediately took Putri Pukes to take shelter in a cave. Tears are streaming down the face of Princess Pukes mixed with torrential rain water. Because his heart is very sad, Princess Pukes ignoring his mother’s message. Before entering the cave, Putri Pukes looked back. He hopes to see the distant village of grief will be reduced. Violated a mother’s message was a catastrophe for the Princess Pukes. Soon after he looked back, lightning him many times. Immediately Princess Pukes body turned to stone.
Until now, the body of Princess Pukes placed in a cave there. Caves are finally known as Princess Pukes Cave is located in Takengon, central Aceh. According to guard the cave, a stone believed to be the incarnation of Princess Pukes body was getting bigger because of the tears of the princess who sometimes trickle turned into stone. Not a few also believe, the stone was in tears when people who visit it are sad.



The Legend City of Tapaktuan

Tapaktuan Legend is one of the legends of the Acehnese. This story tells of the origins of some names in the district of South Aceh and the origin of the name Tapaktuan as evidenced by the relics, which until now still can be seen as a tomb Mr Tapa, red rocks (Batu Sirah) and stones Itam (Batu Itam).
his obedience, Mr Tapa can know the things unseen are not known to ordinary people. In addition, he also can find out the dream of two dragon tails so both dragons who came from China was very respected.Once, like the previous days, both the dragon swam back to sea looking for food, now they go to the west. They glide along the coastal region to the west. They split the ocean waves rolling.
“Today the waves is rather large, my husband! Exciting Dragon Females.
“Not why, my wife. We need to look into new areas. Maybe in that area we will see strange things as we saw in the east, “said Dragon Males.
After the two dragons swim a few moments, they saw a group of large shrimp that were swimming toward the mouth of a river.
“Quick, my husband! Let’s go catch a bunch of big shrimp! “Exclaimed Dragon Females.
Both dragon swim faster. After close to a group of shrimp, sea water dihirupnya vigorously so that all the shrimp go into their stomachs.
Until now, the place was called the Water Village Berudang and including one of the villages in the subdistrict of Tapaktuan.
When the dragon was about to go back to the cave, from the middle of the ocean, they heard a baby crying. The cries were becoming increasingly loud and clear.
“Oh, it sounds like coming from the sea, My husband. Let’s go swimming! “Exclaimed Dragon Females.
Once in the middle of the sea, the dragon was very surprised. They saw a baby is floating in a swing made of woven rattan. Strangely, rattan swing is not intruding water.
“Whereas this woven rattan swing sparse, but why not take in water, huh? If so, this baby is definitely not a baby at random, “said Betina Dragon.
Surprisingly both the dragon, so they arrived at the retreat, Mr Tapa was already standing at the front entrance of the cave.
“Did you already check the baby’s fine? Have you check to see if the baby was a boy or a girl? “Asked Mr Tapa.
“Yes, sir. Babies that we found a baby girl and on the soles of the feet kakan babies have a mole at the center circle, “said Betina Dragon.
“But …, we do not know what to feed your baby with this, sir,” said Dragon Males.
“That’s what I’ll tell. The baby was not a descendant binanatang like you. He is the son of man who should be treated well, “said Mr Tapa.
“Then, how to care for her, sir?” Asked the Dragon Females looking at the baby lovingly.
“How to care for her very easy. This thing should you isapkan to the baby whenever he cries. This thing is a substitute for milk that I took at the summit of the mountain there, “said Mr Tapa said, pointing to the north, where mountains and towering blue.
Later, Mr Tapa explained to the two dragons that to maintain the safety of the baby from the disturbance of wild animals and wild, he ordered a tiger to guard every day. Tiger is what will always be loyal to watch the baby to adult and became a princess. Thus, the time kept changing. From day to day, the baby continues to grow normal and healthy as any other human infant. Every day, everywhere to go, tiger assigned to guard the Princess Young was always faithful watch.
One day, two dragons that bring their beloved daughter went for a walk enjoying the beautiful views of the Gulf region fascinating. The Princess raised to the back of the Dragon Males that are ready to navigate the Gulf coast region. Females swim Dragon accompany her from behind. Meanwhile, the Tigers walked along the beach with easy steps. Occasionally tiger saw the Princess who sat in the back of the Dragon Males. Tiger was very worried if it fell beautiful beautiful princess from a dragon’s back and sink.
“Be careful, the dragon! Do not swim too fast! Later the Princess fell off your back! “Cried the tiger reminds Dragon Males.
Hold tight fin baga, Princess! I am very worried about the Princess! “Cried the Tiger again remind the Princess.
That is, if we see from afar the Princess like sitting on top of a speeding train split the sea. Both dragon carrying the Princess down the beach while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery.
Secretly, the Princess threw a sense of admiration. He was pleased to see the natural beauty of the Gulf beaches are still beautiful. Thus the state of the Princess, he was always amused by the attitude of both the dragon and the preservation of the Tiger faithful watch.
After the baby was growing up, both parents a baby who becomes king and queen in the Kingdom Asralanoka wanted to ask his son, but the dragon was refused. That caused the fierce battle between two dragons with Mr Tapa. They fight to compete for a baby who has now become a beautiful princess named Princess Young.
When Dragon Male launched another attack, Mr Tapa welcomed with libasan wand. Dragon’s body was bounced into the air and fall to pieces on the beach. Blood from the body of a male dragon that has been destroyed it spilled everywhere and redden the sea water.
Well, until now used the dragon’s body form blood clots and heart that still can be seen on the beach and the village of Batu Merah Batu Itam, about three kilometers from the town of Tapaktuan. Now, blood clots and heart has been hardened into stone.
Now Dragon Females also attacked Mr Tapa, but the attack can be broken by Mr. Tapa, although the stick and hat Mr Tapa was thrown into the sea, and until now the stick and hat is still there and there has been a rock in the coastal region Tapaktuan. While the females are going to run Dragon Princess Young failed. In fact the animal rampage as he fled to China. In his escape was cut a female Naga in the area Bakongan hinga island into two parts, and until now the island called Pulau Dua. Even animals that raged as he brought disorder to an island. The island was divided to 99 pieces. That was until now called the Island of many contained in Aceh Regency Singkil. Finally, Mr Tapa managed to beat the second dragon. The Princess was able to return with her parents, but the family did not return to the Kingdom Asralanoka. They chose to settle in Aceh. Their presence in Aceh Land believed to be the forerunner Tapaktuan society.
After the incident, Mr Tapa sick. A week later Mr Tapa passed away in Ramadan Month Year 4 AH. His body was buried near Mount Lights, precisely in front of the mosque Tuo village of Padang, District Tapaktuan, and till now human sacred tomb still we can see. Mr Tapa’s tomb had been amended several times during the restoration of the Dutch Government. Tomb Mr Tapa contained in Padang village, this Tapaktuan frequented by local tourists and foreign tourists.



Legend Of Princess Green

According to legend, the first in the Sultanate of Deli Lama, approximately 10 km from Medan, there lived a beautiful princess named Princess Green. The princess’s beauty spread up to the ears of the Sultan of Aceh to the north end of the island of Java. The prince fell in love and want to apply for the princess. Unfortunately, her application was rejected by the two brothers Princess green, which Mambang Yazid and Mambang fictional.
The rejection raises ire Sultan of Aceh.Thus, was born the wars between the Sultanate and Deli. That said, when it was a civil war Princess green transformed into a hydra and a longer cannon continued firing him a soldier Aceh. The rest of the “broken” cannon that until now there in three places, namely in Maimoon, in the village of Sukanalu(Karo) and in Deli Tua (Deli Serdang).Prince is another who has turned into a dragon’s, resigned through a channel and into the River Deli one place adjacent to Jalan Putri Hijau now. River flows brought into the waterway from where he continued on his way at the end of the last Jambo Aye near Lhokseumawe, Aceh.Green’s daughter captive and put in a glass coffin loaded into vessels for onward brought to Aceh.
When the ship reached the end Jambo Aye, please Princess green held a ceremony for him before the coffin lowered from the ship. Upon request, must be submitted to him some rice and thousands of eggs. Princess lord petition was granted.But, just dimula ceremony, a sudden wind blows grab almighty followed by waveswaves very high. From the sea appears that his brother has been transformed into the dragon using the large jaws, and took the coffin where his brother locked up, and brought into the sea.
Lagenda is still popular among the people Deli and even also in society Melayu in Malaysia. In Deli Tua there are ruins of a castle dating back to Princess green, while the rest of the cannon, brother incarnation Princess green, can be seen on page Maimoon, Medan today.



Beungong Meulu and Beungong Peukeun


ONCE upon a time there was a fisherman. His name was Beungong Peukeun. He lived with his sister. Her name was Beungong Meulu. Their parents died when they were children.

One day Beungong Peukeun went fishing. Sadly, it was not his lucky day. He could not catch any fish. Instead, he caught a big egg in his net. He brought the egg home and asked his sister to cook it. When it was done, Beungong Peukeun ate the egg. He spared some of the egg to his sister.

“I have finished eating the egg and the rest is still on the table,” said Beungong Peukeun.

“I’m not hungry now. Maybe I will eat it for breakfast tomorrow morning.”

“It’s up to you,” replied Beungong Peukeun.

It was late at night. They were tired and went to bed to sleep. In the morning, Beungong Peukeun felt so thirsty. He drank lots of water but it was not enough for him. He also felt very hot.

“What’s wrong with you?” asked Beungong Peukeun to his sister.

“I don’t know…” said Beungong Meulu helplessly.

Later an incredible thing happened to Beungong Peukeun. His body was slowly getting bigger. He also had tail and wings!

“Oh my God! My brother, you changed into a dragon!” screamed Beungong Meu1u.

Yes! Beungong Peukeun had changed into a dragon.

He remembered something. “The egg! It must be the dragon’s egg! Don’t eat the egg!”

“I won’t! I will throw it away now,” said Beungong Meulu.

What should we do now?” asked Beungong Meulu.

“We cannot live here anymore. People will kill me if they see a dragon here. Come on, jump on my back. I will take you away,” said Beungong Peukeun.

Beungong Meulu jumped on the dragon’s back and later the dragon flew away. While they were flying above the sea, suddenly another dragon came! The dragon looked angry when he saw another dragon came to his place. He attacked Beungong Peukeun.

The two dragons were fighting terribly. The dragon attacked Beungong Peukeun very hard. And that made Beungong Meulu was thrown to the sea She was drowned.

A ship came and helped Beungong Meulu. She was unconscious. When she woke up, she called out his brother’s name.

“Beungong Peukeun! Where are you?”

The owner of the ship was a young merchant.

He said, “Relax, you are safe here. Who is Beungong Peukeun?”

She slowly explained the merchant about her brother.

The merchant then said, “We will find your brother. Don’t worry.”

The ship finally arrived in an island. They stopped. Later, the crew reported that they saw a dead dragon in the island. Beungong Meulu and the merchant came to see the dead dragon. Unfortunately, it was the body of Beungong Peukeun. Beungong Meulu was so sad to lose her beloved brother. She cried terribly.

The merchant said, “I can help you. The one that is dead is the dragon, not your brother as a human. I can make him back as a human.”

Well, the merchant had a supernatural power. He concentrated and then touched the dead dragon.

Amazingly, the dead dragon slowly moved and changed back as a human. Beungong Meulu was so happy that his brother was alive! Since then, they lived happily ever after.


The Legend of Putri Bungsu & The Dragon

ONCE upon a time, there were two dragons lived in Aceh. The dragons were male and female, they were husband and wife. The dragons really wanted to have a child. They always prayed to God to give them a child.
One day the dragons were resting at the river side. Suddenly they saw a baby beside a basket. The basket was drifting by the current of the water.
“Myn husband, look! There is a human baby inside the basket. Let’s save the baby!” said the mother dragon.

She was a baby girl. The dragons were very happy. They had a child. Although the baby was a human child, the dragons really loved her. They named her Putri Bungsu.
Days passed by, Putri Bungsu was adult. She was very beautiful. The dragons always took care of her. They also always protected her.
In mean time, putri Bungsu real parents were looking for her.
In the mean time, Putri Bungsu real parents were looking for her. There was an incident and accidentally Putri Bungsu was drifting in the river.
After years looking for her, Putri Bungsu’s real parents finally found her.
“My child, thank God we finally found you. You are our daughter. We know it from the mark in your hand,” said the mother.
The dragons were angry! they said Putri Bunsu was their daugter. “No! She is our daughter! We have raised her since she was a baby. We loved her and she loved us,” said the mother dragon.
Putri Bungsu’s real parents and the dragons were arguing. They each claimed to bePutri’s Bungsu’s parents and they asked Putri bungsu to stay with them.
They were arguing and they did not get any solutions. Putri Bungsu’s real parents asked for help. They asked Tuan Tapa to help them. Tuan Tapa was a holy man. He also had supernatural power.
Tuan Tapa then asked the dragons to let Putri Bungsu leave and stay with her real parents. The dragons were angry. They asked Tuan Tapa not to interfere.
Tuan Tapa realized that the dragons could not negotiate. Therefore Tuan Tapachallenged them to fight.
“If you win, you can keep her. However you have to let her go and stay with her real parents if you both lose the fight,” said Tuan Tapa.
“Ha ha ha…No problem! We will win the fight!”
Then Tuan Tapa and the dragons were fighting bravely. Although he was alone and had to fight with two dragons, Tuan Tapa was very brave. he used all his skills to fight them.
Finally he won the fight! The father dragon was dead. The mother dragon was very sad and angry. She knew she could not win the fight. She escaped.
The mother dragon was very angry. She wagged her tail. It broke an island into two small islands. people named the islands as Pulau Dua.
The tail also wagged another big island into many small islands. People named the island as Pulau Banyak.
While the body of the father dragon changed into a big stone.
People named it as Batu Hitam. And the blood dried into a big red stone, people named it as Batu Merah.



Banta Seudang

Long time ago in Aceh lived a just and wise king. He lived in peace with a beautiful and noble queen. The queen was having their first baby. After nine months of pregnancy, she gave birth to a handsome baby boy. The king was overwhelmed to see his future successor. The baby was then named Banta Seudang.

The king got sick when Banta was only a month. He was feverish and became blind. It was such an ordeal for the king and the queen. Many physicians had been called to cure the king. None of them succeeded. The king grew anxious that his people would be neglected. Then he authorized his reins of power to his little brother until Banta came of age.

It turned out that the king’s brother was a wicked person. Soon after he was authorized the power, he exiled the king and his family to live in a plain house far away from the palace. He did it for the sake of long life dominance. Everyday, he sent them a bamboo-tube of rice and fish and vegetables for their meals. The king’s family prosperous life turned to poverty. They relied on the brother’s handout. There were times that the brother sent nothing at all and made them starve. Even so, the king and the queen endured it. They believed that whoever sows the wind reaps the storm.

Time went by and Banta grew in sparseness. He grew up a handsome, brave, honest and respectful man. He was fully aware of the misery his family had to endure due to his uncle’s wickedness. At last, Banta did not have the heart to see his family misery, especially his blind father. He was determined to find the cure for his father.

“Father, mother, I mean to travel to find the cure for father,” said Banta. The king and the queen let go off Banta.

Several days afterwards, Banta arrived in a wood. One day, he followed a saint in a prayer. Afterwards, he told the saint that he was in his way to find the cure for his blind father. The saint suggested him take the bangkawali flower in the wood’s pond.

Banta then went to the wood mentioned by the saint. In the middle of the wood there was a beautiful garden with a clear pond and a modest hut. The hut was occupied by Mak Toyo, the garden custodian. Actually, the garden belonged to a king lived far away from the wood. The king had seven gorgeous daughters. It was said that each princess had a magic wardrobe. If it was put on, the princess could fly like a bird.

Banta then stayed with Mak Toyo. Everyday he took care of the garden. One Friday, the seven princesses took a bath in the pond. Banta was amazed by their beauty. When they were resting, Mak Toyo went to the pond and splashed the water three times. The bangkawali flower suddenly appeared.

“Mak, can I have the bangkawali flower for my father’s remedy?” asked Banta.

Mak Toyo gave the flower. Banta was so delighted. He wanted to return home immediately. But he wanted to marry one of the princesses and so he postponed his return.

On the next Friday, again, the seven princesses took a bath in the pond. When they were taking a bath, Banta stole one of their wardrobes which lain on a stone. When they intended to return to the castle, they were bewildered to find their youngest sister’s wardrobe gone. She could not return without it. Thus, she had to stay with Mak Toyo.

After living with Mak Toyo for some time, she fell in love with the kindhearted Banta, and so did Banta. They got married and after a while Banta took her and Mak Toyo to meet his parents. And of course, he brought the bangkawali flower with him.

Their arrival was overwhelmed by the king and the queen. Banta took a cup of water and soaked the bangkawali flower in it. The water was then applied to his father’s face. Suddenly, his father was able to see again.

The next day, Banta’s father came to the castle to see his little brother. He was uneasy about his older brother being able to see again. He felt guilty for abandoning the king and his family.

“Please forgive me, brother. I have abandoned you and your family. I now return the throne to you,” said the little brother.

And so Banta’s father became the king again. Banta lived happily with his parents, his wife and also Mak Toyo. Not long after, Banta was crowned king to succeed his father. He became a wise king.



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